So much of good mental health depends on having a good support network. Unfortunately, mental illness can mean you are ostracised by your peers and family.
Identifying and even magnifying our doubts brings a true faith into focus. A faith where doubt is excluded from the conversation is a shallow one.
Demons are not real but are obsessed over by many religious people. Leaders who believe in them show signs of delusion and often accuse others of…
Thanks to Facebook memories the social media platform for me is sometimes traumatising, showing me things I posted while suffering a psychosis.
It's hard not to offend some people when you are critically examining your faith.
When we are exposed to Christian indoctrination processes we are conditioned to believe Jesus the idol loves us. We are forced to love him in return or…
When it comes to mental illness, you would be surprised how many people don't have a diagnosis. For me, a diagnosis of bipolar 1 answered a lot of…
It's hard to describe the intensity of shame that you can feel during and after psychosis.
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